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Hermes Birkin


The authentic bag’s shape is crisp and pronounced, where breitling-chronomat-evolution-rid-0.html. Christian Louboutin para homensas the fake bag’s shape shows bulges where you would expect a straight line.

Authentic Hermes Birkin (front)

Authentic Hermes Birkin (front)

Fake Hermes Birkin (front)

Fake Hermes Birkin (front)

Authentic Hermes Birkin

Authentic Hermes Birkin (back)

Fake Hermes Birkin

Fake Hermes Birkin (back)

Authentic Hermes Birkin

Authentic Hermes Birkin

Fake Hermes Birkin

Fake Hermes Birkin

Stamp & Contour

The stamp on the authentic bag is clean and uniform, but the stamp on the fake bag looks spotty and irregular. Also, the authentic bag has a slight indented contour above the seam, which is missing from the fake bag.

Authentic Hermes Birkin

Authentic Hermes Birkin


Fake Hermes Birkin


The engraving on the authentic bag’s hardware, is thin and refined, but the engraving on the fake bag’s hardware is deeper, wider, and the letters are further apart.

Authentic Hermes Birkin

Authentic Hermes Birkin

Fake Hermes Birkin

Fake Hermes Birkin

Inside strap

For the authentic bag, the cutout of the inside seam is neat, but on the fake bag, the cutout rough.

Authentic Hermes Birkin

Authentic Hermes Birkin

Fake Hermes Birkin

Fake Hermes Birkin


The authentic bag’s zipper pull has contours, the fake bag’s zipper pull does not.

Authentic Hermes Birkin

Authentic Hermes Birkin

Fake Hermes Birkin

Fake Hermes Birkin


< Authentic Hermes Birkin

Authentic Hermes Birkin

Fake Hermes Birkin

Fake Hermes Birkin


Authentic Hermes Birkin

Authentic Hermes Birkin

Fake Hermes Birkin

Fake Hermes Birkin

Please report any counterfeit item on eBay HERE to protect other buyers from fraud. Let’s look out for each other and make our eBay shopping experience more pleasant.


21 Responses to “Hermes Birkin”

  • Concerned Citizen

    Please click on the website above and verify or nullify the authenticity of the Hermes Bag shown in the picture. Thank you! I hope to hear from you soon!

  • soneone in somewhere

    hey thx! it’s very helpfull.. :)

  • Cecilia


    is a wonderful site to differenitate the real H and fake H.
    I have one question:
    Seen a two-tone birkin in japan second hand shop. The Hermes logo was embossed not printed on.
    According to the shop saleperson is an old model hence the logo is embossed on leather unlike the current birkin printed with gold metallic dye (if is goldware) or silver metallic
    (for silverware)
    Please share your view

  • Zara

    Honestly!! I can’t find much difference between the authentic and fake Birkin! The replica manufacturer has become so good at copying the bag! So difficult to spot the fake. If one walks into a luxurious car carrying a Birkin it would be believable! But then again, I know few rich ladies who owns ONE authentic Birkin and few fake ones! So how can you ever tell? Just don’t carry a Birkin if you are driving a cheap car? or live in the shack? LOL!

  • p90x

    I totally love this article. I think you could write some other things to make your blog more complete wansantg3lj

  • Soh Ong

    Hi,Just a question regarding the dustbags. I understand that bags made after 2007 should come in orange color dustbags. I bought 1 Kelly 32 cocoan chevre from Malaysia Hermes shop 4 months ago, and 1 Kelly 32 orange togo, 1 Birkin 30 cowhide and clutch and lastly a dogon wallet from Paris last week, they all comes in tan dustbags. Why is that? It cannot have been old produce because when I went to the shop on the 1st and 2nd day, was told there has not been any Kelly or Birkin for a while. Then on the 3rd day the Birkin 30 arrived then on the 5th day, numerous Kelly arrived. Could they be rejects from before 2007 produce.

    please reply asap. Thank you

  • MC

    Have you seen a flat square touret instead of the a round circular one? I know of someone who purchased a Birkin with a square touret but all the Birkins we have ever seen are all round tourets.

    Please advice. Thanks.


  • Aiguan Taylor

    I learn a lot from this side how to look for the difference between the authentic and fake birkin.

    Just got my new Birkin Ethoupe on sunday and very very please with it from Pavilion KL.

    I got a friend wanted to sell hers for a very good price and is M production (March 2010) Orange 35cm, but what I don’t understand is mine the serial no and N is opposites hers, When you turn the flap between the cutout, the alphabet N on mine is towards the end bit (123____N),(right) same as the picture shown as yours, but my friend one is on the left bit for example :- (M______123)

    Please advised, others like the shape and zip or inside, looks exactly authentic like mine.

    Waiting for your reply,


  • Amber

    Can you validate this is an authentic bag?

  • shivalijones

    Is the padlock # important? Once when I was on Canal St in Manhattan,
    I looked at the padlock # on several really nice fakes, and they were all the same. 121 I think. On the authentic ones is every padlock # different?


  • MJ

    Fake manufacturer always intentionally leave a tiny bit of something out – So that the value of the authentic ones can be maintained. Essentially they want to maintain the value of the authentic ones so that their fake ones can sell. This is a simple economic theory. The fake ones value depend on the authentic ones!

  • Stacey

    Could you let me know if this website is selling fake Hermes bags? Has anyone bought from here?

  • Stacey

    sorry spelling wrong! –

  • BagLover

    Hi Stacey, I personally would not recommend buying from that site. I see that they are selling Hermes bag for less than $400. That is a big warning sign. No one will sell Hermes bag for that price unless it is not authentic. If you are looking to buy a vintage Hermes or a pre-owned Hermes, you are better off buying from a reputable sites such as Fahionphile, Yoogi’s Closet or some other sites that ensure the authenticity of their bags. Good luck!

  • ttta*

    Hi there,

    I also saw those stamps on the flap before, are they not real? But they selling like over 10K
    (123____N), (M______123) ?????

    Cheers, inhouse

  • faux fur hats

    Almost every elegant lady has her own handbags. Handbags are now not only for containing items, but also showing the ladies’ elegant taste. The handbags have an very important extra function, which is decoration.

  • Cheryll

    Hi there

    I have the chance in a lifetime to buy ‘an original’ Hermes Birkin, which I would ususally not ever have been able to afford. It was a gift to someone, who needs the money rather than the bag and has never been worn. I am basically paying a third of the price.

    I have compared all the features on the website, and they seem fine.

    Can you let me know whether the silver is covered in plastic for protection and inside they have an authenticity
    card wrapped in plastic in the side pocket, stating that this is an authentic Hermes bag. I would have thought, that like other up-market bags e.g. Louis Vuitton, this would come in an envelope with their logo on and not in plastic.

    With kind regards

  • Andrew

    Hermes exploits women. Whenever I see a woman with a Birkin bag, it just shows a woman’s mental aptitude. The dumb wear Birkin.

  • Aneta

    Do you think these are authentic??

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  • To fake it or not to fake it? « MODA at the University of Chicago says:

    […] lovely guide on how to spot certain fakes.  Also, BagBible provides a pretty detailed tutorial on the differences between the real & fake […]

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